fight with

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Two or three nights in every week the gloves were brought out, either in the hall or fifth-form room; and every boy who was ever likely to fight at all knew all his neighbours' prowess perfectly well, and could tell to a nicety what chance he would have in a stand-up fight with any other boy in the house.
"If Tom'll only condescend to fight with his head and heels," as East mutters to Martin, "we shall do."
Let, then, the son of Tydeus see that he does not have to fight with one who is stronger than you are.
Keep your faces therefore towards the Trojans, but give ground backwards, for we dare not fight with gods."
Less and less did they seem to fight with any object other than escape.
He is invited to Go"ttingen, to fight with a Go"ttingen expert; if he is victorious, he will be invited to other colleges, or those colleges will send their experts to him.
He reflected upon the different characters of men he had to fight with, and began to view his situation more clearly.
"This is the gentleman I am going to fight with," said Athos, pointing to D'Artagnan with his hand and saluting him with the same gesture.
"And I also am to fight with this gentleman," said Aramis, coming in his turn onto the place.
He is now in line for a ( lucrative super fight with Brock Lesnar.
Danis, 24, who trained in Ireland for the fight with John Kavanagh, received expertise from McGregor on his striking game.