figment of the imagination

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She faulted the Human Rights Watch report on survivors of trafficking which was released recently, saying that the report was far from the truth and a figment of the imagination of the writers.
public to disregard 'such a misinformed publication and see it as a figment of the imagination of the writer, whose knowledge of military valued ethos and traditions is grossly misplaced'.
Verma has clearly denied all the charges and allegations made against him by Asthana and said that the allegations are nothing but a figment of the imagination of the petitioner.
The statement also categorically denied what was published by Ad-Diyar newspaper this morning under the headline, "My battle with Amal will not end, and Berri ought to weakly reach the Parliament presidency." The statement concluded by saying "the attributed speech [to minister Bassil] is unfounded and is a figment of the imagination." R.K.
FOR AW of Gosforth to write that the dream of a European superstate is 'a figment of the imagination of those using falsehoods to stir anti-European sentiment', I can only assume that he missed the recent speeches given by Jean-Claude Junker and Emmanuel Maccron.
He said the statement of Jorge Madlos, spokesperson of the communist NPA in Mindanao, that the insurgent fronts were growing was a figment of the imagination that aims to excuse their failures and continuous dwindling of strength.
"All the figures which are reported on the number of centrifuges are the figment of the imagination of some foreign media," Araqchi said in a news conference on Thursday.
Jakub Grygiel, international relations professor, describes that goal as a "figment of the imagination of the few" to be avoided in practice.
The perceived dawn, however, is a figment of the imagination. The government of president Rajapakse has not soothed the balms of the Tamil people and they continue to be deprived and displaced.
But what would his attitude be if the boot were on the other foot and it was taken for granted that town councils, disregarding any Christians present, started their official meetings with a declaration that God is a figment of the imagination? Mr Plaisted also states that the High Court has ruled that Bideford Town Council has no power to allow prayers to be said before meetings.
But, thanks to reader George Wilson, the story of the whale can now be told, and as this photograph submitted by George shows, the whale was no figment of the imagination. It all started with a casual reference by John Arrowsmith recalling his youth in Middlesbrough in the 1940s and 1950s, which we published in the August 2009 edition of Remember When.
Talk of the presence of fanatic groups in the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon and that some fundamentalist groups have plotted terrorist attacks in this or that camp is a figment of the imagination, said Fatah representative in Lebanon Sultan Abul Einein, the Beirut daily AN NAHAR reported Sunday.