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Carl, trust me when I say we're not figments of anyone's imagination.
Waking up is the process by which we begin to see the fantasies for what they are: figments in a chaotic imagination, dreams we place outside of our control.
In this world of ghost images, the artist and his accoutrements read as much as figments of the imagination or specters as actual presences.
Mr Blair told his audience: ``There are real concerns, they are not figments of racist imagination and they have to be tackled precisely in order to sustain a balanced and sensible argument about migration.
The reader will never be sure what is real and what is not as some of the humans act like figments of the imagination and some of the mysticism has a basis in science.
While 25 per cent of actors and presenters on television will also be figments of a silicon chip's imagination.
Several times during the evening she considers whether the memories she's recounting had actually happened or were merely figments of fancy.
The dreams of innocence converting the world are really figments of the imagination," he said.
Because the people he encounters "see only my surroundings, themselves, or figments of their imagination," he is effectively invisible.