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According to the author, the already farcical attempt to make public-media pressure in order to weaken the natural resistance of the huge majority of Macedonian population towards its serious destruction, urges them to create fantastic figments.
Optimistic figments never existed The locomotive hisses to a stop Steam
With the assistance of her brother-princes, figments of Isola's imagination, Isola needs to discover the truth behind the dead girl's death before death comes for her.
In a statement issued here on Thursday, the spokesperson while contradicting these news items termed them as totally baseless, concocted and figments of imagination and said that the Chairman Senate was chief guest at Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology at Karachi at the time of his alleged meeting on Saturday, 13th February 2010 with the President at Presidency.
Tell me if you've lived a tempest, known the deepest ocean blue Memory's locker holds such treasures, when we trawl those hull down days Vivid colours, sun or sea mist, figments of remembered praise.
You learn about figments of the imagination (collected to earn points and increase your rank), hidden memories locked away in actual mental safes - and of course, mental baggage (teary-eyed purses, suitcases and trunks that need to be sorted).
Waking up is the process by which we begin to see the fantasies for what they are: figments in a chaotic imagination, dreams we place outside of our control.
The poems themselves are figments that yield considerable pleasure, difficulty notwithstanding.
In this world of ghost images, the artist and his accoutrements read as much as figments of the imagination or specters as actual presences.
Mr Blair told his audience: ``There are real concerns, they are not figments of racist imagination and they have to be tackled precisely in order to sustain a balanced and sensible argument about migration.