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It was only in "Nile Series," a group of small works from 2000-2003, that Arnold arrived at the synthesis of figuration and abstraction she had long sought.
Black women may signify, especially through innuendo and indirection, but the primary modes of rhetorical figuration are practice, with great intention, in black male culture.
This irony may have more to do with the subtleties about being and figuration in Renaissance literature that continue to fascinate us than we have recognized.
39] Though the play explores the tensions which produce sodomitical figuration, its popular repres entation of royal favoritism as sodomy also contributes to England's "language of corruption.
Figuration, for Ruscha, has always performed at least two functions: first, to oppose the formalist optimism of the modernists and Minimalists with a cool and sometimes callous reminder of the ramifications of abstraction in a world of advanced forms of consumer culture and its proto-totalitarian adminstrative corporate order; second, to signal that the triumph of an "abstraction" derived from instrumental reason had culminated in advanced forms of corporate or utilitarian architecture, whose primary consequences had always been the crass destruction of public space and social relations, and which had inevitably resulted in the negative sublime of ecological disaster.
Sylvia Trelles takes on a rich topic, the importance of rhetorical prescriptions for portraiture in the figuration of women in pastoral romances of Gil Polo and Galvez de Montalvo, but her treatment is overly condensed and confusing.
It hardly needs saying, for example, that what can be seen as "proto-Surrealist" in works like Celebes is the artist's attempt at a more-or-less Freudian construction of a pictorial analogue to the imagery of dreams, childhood fantasies, and their figuration in language.
As a figuration that "opposes its opacity as a dissemblant and mysterious surface to the clarity of the 'figurative' figures of the Madonna," these non-figurative elements invite contemplation (90, 100).
As their implicit connection with Caro's subsequent forays into figuration might suggest, this is more than simply juvenilia to be eyed quickly on the way toward the concise, buoyant abstract works just ahead.
In a realization of the tension between the identity which metaphorical figuration asserts and the mere likeness which it can actually demonstrate, the creativity of the iconological imagination arises as it demands the search for a new figure which will more fully express the identity - even as the process itself continually enforces the awareness that such identity can never be fulfilled.
In Watching the Play, 2004, Li transforms a famous photograph of President Nixon and Jiang Qing (a political live wire who was also Mao's second wife) into a kaleidoscopic patchwork that blurs the line between mark making and figuration.
To think of Claudius, that "adulterate beast," as some figuration of Bothwell is to enrich the piquancy of revenge as a motive in Hamlet and to enliven our perception of what James may have seen in the play when he presumably witnessed it in 1603.