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In Ghostly Figures: Memory and Belatedness in Postwar American Poetry, Ann Keniston reopens two topics that are central to thinking about poetry but that each present a number of potential snares for the scholar who aims to train a critical eye upon them: temporality and figuration.
11) A turning of all figuration into the strictest physical, spatial terms is one of the most striking qualities of the texts of the Fizzles, as Shira Wolosky points out.
In Martinu's late music, all the figurations and imaginatively distinctive passages carry a meaning deeper than mere decoration or filling, and at some points they have an unearthly intensity.
Generally speaking, the evolution of this figuration reflected a changing balance of power due to the relative decline of the old nobility.
La figuration est ici entendue comme cette operation universelle au moyen de laquelle un objet materiel quelconque est investi de facon ostensible d'une << agence >> (au sens de l'anglais agency) socialement definie a la suite d'une action de faconnage, d'amenagement, d'ornementation ou de mise en situation visant a lui donner un potentiel d'evocation iconique d'un prototype reel ou imaginaire qu'il denote de facon indicielle (par delegation d'intentionnalite) en jouant sur une ressemblance directe de type mimetique ou sur tout autre type de motivation identifiable de facon mediate ou immediate.
96 The complete vocabulary of abstraction had always been present in ornament, where love of the wayward figurations of stone and wood complements exploration of the strict geometries of honeycomb and crystal.
Le Mercure de France tampoco cambio sus planes y lanzo Figures et Figurations el 13 de septiembre.
Chapter 3 begins the analysis of Elias's work by introducing his treatment of the agency/structure dichotomy, social order as unplanned, interdependencies and figurations.
The "reality" of Jesus lies in the extent to which figurations and stories of Jesus constitute us and our lives.
Such a chronology, if accepted, must offer an opening into German artistic consciousness, which differs from that in art worlds where figuration and national identity are not so intimately conjoined.
Chopin might have had 3 2 1 floating around in his mind (perhaps subconsciously) and then devised melodic figurations that would express that basic progression in a beautiful and particular way.
In these five songs of ultimate heartbreak, based on poems by Friedrich Ruckert, Mahler traces the feelings of bereaved parents in his characteristic fashion - with lush strings evocatively set against brasses braying folklike figurations, eerie percussion interludes and haunting woodwind motifs.