figure work

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They will then make the figure work for them and I hope this doesn't tarnish other areas of negotiation," he said.
Ortiz is sticking to wanting a multi-year deal (which the Red Sox, so far are balking at), and his exceptionally high asking figure work against the slugger.
But he says: "It is meeting people that makes the job - not figure work.
Farrukh Saleem, if he revisits his database and assumptions will perhaps himself discern the logical fallacy of his arguments and the unreliability of his figure work as paradise detailed below with specific reference to the 20 points raised in his article 'rental power vs.
Would any other popular-culture figure work just as well in illustrating the cartoonist's point?
Thursday's child is either a bit of a worrier about money or is going to work in an area of high excitement where lots of figure work is going on.
I had always specialised in figure work and I needed to find models to suit the personalities of the children we were painting.
She contributes some good figure work in oils, with the farmer and his dog, Looking for Lost Sheep in Snow and the umbrella-wielding characters in Rain Dance.
I paint original contemporary pieces of art and figure work in all sizes and colours.
In spite of his obvious abilities, Varley lacked confidence in figure work and Linnell frequently obliged from 1817-28, charging from one to five guineas.
I AGREE with you that the nation's young are innumerate when it comes to figure work.
The figure works out at an average of just over PS25,000 a year for each employee.