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The figurehead from the Verajean is presumably based on the woman after whom the steel ship of 1891 was named.
But he said yesterday he wanted someone with "more knowledge and understanding about the technology element of the media, rather than a public figurehead".
I'm happy for Steve to be a serf, bowing and scraping to a figurehead who has no connection to our region.
"We will support Christine in her efforts to find a figurehead for export.
Chris Baybutt, managing director of Figurehead Homes, said: "The evolution of the residential area in Cardiff Bay, known as Cardiff Pointe is an exciting ten-year project that first began in 2013.
The project is being delivered by Wigan-based Figurehead Homes, which is investing PS30m in the first phase and is supported with PS17m in funding from NatWest Bank.
Dubbed MCA Chicago Plaza Project Alexandre da Cunha, 2015, it features the Brazilian artist's Mix (Americana), a painted mixer drum on loan from a New York gallery, plus Figurehead and Biscuit, two new "works" from Evanston, Ill.-based Concrete Specialties Co.
Former president Kailash Purryag, who had been put in place by the previous government, stepped down as the island's figurehead on Friday.
Watson, who became the figurehead of the Latics' improbable cup triumph at Wembley in May when he headed in the winning goal against Manchester City, was in hospital on Tuesday night after their game with Barnsley amid fears of a second broken leg in 15 months.
Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is not a dictator - just a figurehead - according to a former British ambassador to Syria.
London, Apr.12 ( ANI ): Football ace David Beckham has praised late former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher for being an amazing figurehead with great 'passion and strength.'
His words of praise came after the prince, the Duchess of Cornwall and the spiritual figurehead held an informal meeting at Clarence House for around an hour.