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Many of the figureheads are over 200 years old, and the famous faces on show include Prime Ministers Gladstone, Disraeli and Pitt the Younger, as well as Florence Nightingale - who sadly lost an arm during her years on the ocean wave.
The event at Newcastle auctioneers Anderson & Garland, which ended yesterday, included the biggest private collection sale in the UK of ships' figureheads for 50 years.
Other figureheads in the gallery are from the schooner Beatrice (1860) and the steel ship Verajean (1891).
Winner of a 2007 Parents' Choice Gold Award, The Movement is a music CD of positive-themed hiphop music for children and adults alike featuring the music of the Figureheads band.
Chicago's ``emo'' figureheads Fall Out Boy issue another howl of adolescent angst with ``Infinity on High'' (Island; $13.
While Morgentaler himself undeniably has his ghoulish acolytes, as charismatic figureheads go, he's a pretty damp squib, lacking both charm and eloquence, and given to blurting poisonous, insupportable, and self-promoting bromides about how much his work as a foetus liquidator has driven down crime rates in contemporary Canadian society.
Figureheads are always a winner in this type of campaign and I'm convinced Sir Sean would not be averse to being Commander in Chief.
Robin' said: 'It will be a chance to show how many fathers are affected by the current law rather than focusing on figureheads doing individual protests.
The concert, held on July 19 in front of 4,500 fans in the Kings Dock Big Top Arena, was the first in a series of fundraising nights called Unite For Unicef and featured the historic reunion of Britain's two greatest blues figureheads.
Wallace and Gromit, stars of three award-winning films made by Nick Park, are figureheads for the event.
Just a year after the return of the famous figureheads were announced, figures published yesterday show there are now 1,895 in place.