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The subtlety and fluency of Robson's translations ensures that in the great majority of cases his handling of figures of speech that can be traced to the Indian tradition is without fault.
These cues, which can be typed directly into the text with the appropriate punctuation or selected from a drop-down menu, contain conventional figures of speech, such as greetings and exclamations (hello, oh no, thank you), interjections (oh, well, hmm), and paralinguistic events (breathing, laughing, coughing), to convey additional layers of expressive intent, such as gratitude, doubt, or confirmation.
The, er, teen style icon, who attended Figures of Speech, a fundraising gala at The Brewery, is desperate to get her schooling done so she can launch her own clothing range.
The School Lane centre is hosting the A-Frame Figures of Speech event on Thursday to bring together entrepreneurs from the creative and business worlds.
Introducing figures of speech, Gregorich repeatedly has Waltur (a bear) too literally take the advice of his more cautious friend Matilda (a beaver), with hilarious results, Searching for a new pet, he repeatedly refuses to buy piglets in bags (pokes), but without question he takes one that is in a box--and it turns out to be a real house wrecker, More misadventures ensue--but emergent readers will enjoy watching Waltur, who is not entirely a dim bulb, learn wisdom in these three episodes.
Spelling errors and hamfisted figures of speech are sprayed around in a manor (sic) that suggests a slightly understaked budget.
Highly recommended reading for students of theology as well as non-specialist general readers, and arranged chronologically from January through December, this 400-page compilation is enhanced with additional appendices including "Jesus: Names, Titles, Metaphors, Figures of Speech and Pictures of Jesus"; "Jesus: Preeminent Pronouns of Jesus in Scripture"; "The Father: Preeminent Pronouns of the Father in Scripture"; The Holy Spirit: The Names, Titles and Emblems of the Holy Spirit"; The Trinity: The Names of the Lord (Jehovah) in the Old Testament"; "The Trinity: The Names of the Lord God (Jehovah Elohim; Kurios Ho Theos) in Scripture"; and "The Trinity: The Names of God (Elohim) in Scripture".
Figures of speech here provide familiar terms to describe that which is not depicted but simply, formally, is.
Pepeha are not just proverbs; the term includes charms, witticisms, figures of speech and boasts.
The repertoire of Expressive Cues consists of a set of prerecorded formulas that include conventional figures of speech, such as greetings and exclamations, interjections and paralinguistic events, to suggest expressive intention, therefore making vocal messages sound more lifelike and expressive.
This article examines how arguments on scientific issues travel from text to text by considering how certain figures of speech persist from version to version.
This fun book, a mixture of puzzles and essays, covers an extremely wide range of topics, from the classics such as anagrams, palindromes, lipograms, charades and pangrams, to more specialized ones such as mnemonics, figures of speech, license plate language (IM LATE on a white Rabbit), shop names (Just Desserts, a confectioner), malapropisms, Tom Swifties ('I'll take the prisoner downstairs', said Tom condescendingly), and titles in search of authors (The Art of Hitchhiking by Nita Ryde).