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Bearing in mind the recognized relevance of motivation in the processes of teaching and learning, Filcher and Miller (2000) emphasize that motivating the student to learn is configured as an educational objective which must be prioritized, whether in conditions of on-site learning or in educational situations mediated by the use of information and communication technology (ICT).
The Ministry replies via this account to all inquiries relating to the ministry's duties and responsibilities, news, statements issued by the ministry, the activities of diplomatic missions, and other electronic content that released on the Foreign Ministry's accounts on other social networks media such as YouTube, instgram, Filcher, and notices and remarks posted on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Filcher, another keynote speaker from the Chem-Quest Group, presented "Transformational Thinking Concept" as a valuable tool for innovation in coatings.
CREW: A Day, R Parker, R Killip (1), G Gregor, J Tucker, W Roberts, A Filcher, M Findlay, R Bindell (1), C Mitchell, N Hopkins, A Reid, I Chapman, R Quinones
Filcher - Rose Marie Filcher, 80, of Eugene, died July 9.