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Filcher was cleaning my feet at the time, but they soon saw him, and though he blustered a good deal they walked him off to the "lock-up", and his boy with him.
Fisher's writing here is uneven, sometimes clumsy, but there are good bits too, like the scenes in Victorian London where Jake teams up with an appealing street waif named Moll, who speaks a knockoff Dickensian dialect peppered with rozzers, cullies, peelers, doss pads, filchers and drabs." SOPHIE GEE
Gangs of "fish filchers" also occasionally go on rampages and, worse, "every now and then the island [is] invaded by the Bongobians, who in addition to being great drummers [are] also fierce plunderers." Given these threats, the islanders decide to form a government that settles disputes and provides for the common defense--and is strictly "limited in its ability to take away the freedoms that had brought the island its prosperity in the first place" (pp.