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Mr Salmond said: "Every UK chancellor for the last 30 years has been filching about 3250,000 million of Scottish oil revenue.
We pipped Hollywood in filching that basic idea ( Bollywood's always first when it come to being inspired), and cooked Bheja Fry .
The complaints are tempered by the expectation that inventive Cubans, driven by economic necessity and seasoned by years of filching from the centralized socialist economy, will soon restore the pipeline of illicit goods to full flow.
This narrator is/is not filching, repellent, basking in the sunlight in the aftermath of a natural disaster, creating social anarchy, drowning in sorrow--and writing a novel.
What a ghastly, motley crew they are, making the same old mistakes, filching taxpayers' cash, screwing their secretaries, clowns drunk with their own power"
According to Atutubo, stripping pockets off uniforms of baggage handlers will prevent unscrupulous personnel from filching items because they would have difficulty hiding their stash.
On the other hand, Ken is most definitely involved in filching pounds 13.