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A former Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) manager appears to have become wealthy by filching old currencies supposed to be burned.
We've had our pockets picked, the soft, white hands of bankers, bold as brass, filching our gold, our silver; we want it back.
Ironically, the defeat of Coliseum in the National Stakes at The Curragh was a consequence of Mick Kinane filching a five-length lead on winner Mus-If just over two furlongs out.
Police used a marked roll of toilet paper to put the squeeze on a school principal suspected of filching bathroom tissue from his high school.
Singh joined Air Canada in April 2000 and 16 months later started filching air miles from passengers using knowledge gained in training.
ANDREW Kerr (Dear Gerrie, November 15) states that "the biggest robbery at the Dome was not the diamond heist but the filching of funds to pay for the building itself".
What was unnecessary was Scotland being run for two decades by a Tory Government that Scots never elected - foisting the Poll Tax on us, filching our oil revenues and overseeing the destruction of our industrial base.
CONSIDERING the Chinese rape of Tibet - the atrocities and filching of assets - they have no grounds to make a to-do over the accidental Nato bombing of their Belgrade embassy.
I CAN feel nothing but revulsion for the English tactics in filching Welsh water when we Welsh cannot obtain enough for even domestic use.