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On the other hand, a conditional retention period will retain all documents in a file until a specific event occurs (a contract expires, an employee leaves, a project ends) and then will qualify all documents in that file for disposal a specified number of days, months, or years after that event occurs.
If, for example, there is a directory called Vendors and a subject file for Procurement, where to place the response to a potential vendor's inquiry?
Here, for example, is a way to move MAS 90 general ledger account histories to a Lotus file for month-by-month or budget comparison.
If he has not filed a return for the tax year immediately preceding the current tax year (other than the one that he had to file for the first tax year), he must file the return no later than the earlier of (1) 16 months after the due date set forth in Sec.
6425(a), a corporation can file Form 4466, Corporation Application to Quick Refund of Overpayment for Estimated Tax, to adjust an estimated-tax overpayment, rather than waiting to file for a refund on Form 1120.
Originally, partnerships were required to electronically file for tax years beginning on or after Dec.