file suit

See: sue
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Global Banking News-December 19, 2012--Hurricane victims file suit against nine companies(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
Superintendent Roy Romer and school board President Marlene Canter both said the board feels duty-bound to file suit to determine whether AB 1381 complies with provisions of the state constitution.
The Conservation Law Foundation says it will file suit against the Agri-Mark Inc.
Scruggs, who tried the case against several tobacco firms, plans to file suit against insurers denying the claims of Hurricane Katrina's victims.
If the EEOC determines that a case is meritorious it may, inter alia, issue a "right to sue" letter to the claimant enabling the claimant to file suit for the alleged discrimination in either federal or state court.
SB 174 (Dunn), would authorize employees paid less than twice the minimum wage to file suit on behalf of themselves and any other current and former employees paid less than twice the state minimum wage.
It read, in part: "If you have a claim for benefits which is denied or ignored, you may file suit in a state or federal court.
25 billion settlement for Nazi victims says he will file suit against Swiss and US banks for propping up South Africa's former apartheid regime.
At the start of a dispute in the federal courts the strategic decision of where to file suit is often a key consideration.
When POGO used the FCA to file suit in 1996, they asked Bob Berman and Bob Spier, another government worker who had blown the whistle on oil royalty underpayments, if they wanted to join in the suit.
But now, taxpayers who choose to use the Tax Court can file suit against the IRS without first paying the assessed amount.