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The best place to insert the network for modern storage systems is between the file system and the OSD storage component (see Figure 2) (a version of the file system storage component).
NOTE: VERITAS, VERITAS SOFTWARE, the VERITAS logo, Business Without Interruption, VERITAS The Data Availability Company, VERITAS File System, VERITAS Database Edition, VERITAS NetBackup, VERITAS Volume Manager, VERITAS VPlus and VERITAS Storage Checkpoint are trademarks or registered trademarks of VERITAS Software Corporation in the US and/or other countries.
NAS virtualization switches provide the ability to dynamically balance capacity utilization across back end file systems.
Centralized management: The solution allows administrators to centrally manage all clustered storage servers from one file system.
Lustre, the Lustre logo, Cluster File Systems, CFS, and Lustre Centre of Excellence are trademarks of Cluster File Systems, Inc.
Peter began working on an answer to the Department of Energy's Scalable/Global/Secure file system challenge.
UFeIUs InfiniBand-based (SDP) cluster file system built using Rackable SystemseIU clustered file system technology currently supports sustained transfer rates of 1.
This traditional approach to data delivery is failing to scale, as the software controlling the file system is nearing its algorithmic maximum efficiency and future performance improvements will be incremental in nature, as computer systems tend to scale at around 15%-30% in terms of real end-user performance each year.
CAStor FSG redefines flexibility, enabling any application that works with a CIFS/NFS file system to connect to CAStor, and provides various 'views' into the content store.
Melio Cluster File System and LaScala Clustered Volume Manager Support Windows Server 2003 for 64-Bit Computing
The file system does not need to be restarted or remounted; requests are filled by the remaining file server.
Membership in these PartnerWorld programs confirms that the IBRIX Fusion(TM) Parallel File System, an enterprise-class, software-based scalable file serving solution, has been implemented successfully in customer environments running IBM Systems and IBM System Storage products.