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IBRIX Fusion is a highly-available, scalable file serving solution that allows enterprise system administrators to build file systems that can scale to up to 100's petabytes of capacity in a single namespace, and provide up to one terabyte per second of aggregate I/O throughput performance independently and non-disruptively.
As the amount of NAS storage under management has grown, enterprise IT groups have been continually challenged by the complexity of managing a large numbers of discrete file systems and by the on-going cycle of adds, moves and changes across these systems.
It also ensures proper order of SCSI commands and data to and from the server file system to the iSCSI storage target.
Chapter One explains the structure of the rest of the book and lists 17 objectives to assist the reader in understanding these concepts and processes and how to apply this knowledge to file systems development projects.
RapidScale systems leverage Rackable Systems' proven storage server hardware platform and cluster file system software from its recent acquisition of Terrascale Technologies.
Because they run their own file systems, they are also capable of performing a variety of other features, including snapshot real-time replication, and continuous data capture, which combined should make backup and restore windows a thing of the past.
CFS) has established itself as the recognized leader in high-performance, scalable cluster file system technology.
With 20 years of experience in the software industry, he has extensive knowledge of operating systems, networking, file systems and RAS.
Some clustered network solutions provide a single file system that can scale infinitely with no theoretical limit and spans multiple nodes within a cluster.
We look forward to working with Cluster File Systems to further develop their technology.
Peter began working on an answer to the Department of Energy's Scalable/Global/Secure file system challenge.