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The body, hair and skin are all received from the parents, and so one doesn't dare to damage them -- that is the beginning of filial piety.
who co-created filial therapy, and Ryan, a child and adolescent psychologist and play therapist who established filial therapy in the UK, demonstrate how therapists can train parents in groups to conduct play sessions with children to meet their therapeutic needs and transfer skills to family life.
Filial Responsibility Laws Displaced by Government Programs
Although some interest has been directed to the question of filial piety in general, surprisingly, scant attention has been focused on the ethical dimensions of caring for elderly parents.
Besides these themes, filial obligations, family ties, healthcare, cleanliness and environmental issues are also presented in an entertaining manner, but with an underlying sobriety and seriousness of the message, he added.
I'd get in my car and drive at the top of my filial limits, alert for signs, heart accelerating, alone, but attached now to power, by just one finger and my immortal right foot.
The religious tendency of filial piety, which attempts to "remember" and "represent" one's ancestors, acted as an important spiritual ethos in Korea's social development centered on economic growth.
He humbly and faithfully fulfilled his filial duty in the ranks of the Interior and had enormous authority among police officers.
After noting that scripture presents mostly dysfunctional families and therefore offers little guidance concerning the art of parenting, Sherwin turns to the Jewish commentaries to help us link filial duty with parental responsibility.
When adult children enter midlife, they may witness changes in their parents' health that motivate feelings and thoughts about filial responsibility, and for some, an increase in support provided.
And now, the discovery of filial cannibalism in the pipefish, which is related to the seahorse, is creating a stir in the research world.
I am in my second year of nursing and believe this filial cannibalism definitely exists.