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The Winter Olympic Games help us spread the spirit and tradition of filial piety throughout the world, as well as help make love and peace bloom among families.
Indeed, many studies have credited the academic success of CHC students to parenting, with the terms of CHC parent-child relationship being heavily influenced by filial piety norms (e.
Hypothesis 1b: Authoritarian filial piety will be negatively associated with life satisfaction.
Recent studies from rural China found that some elderly parents consider their daughters to be more filial than sons (Shi, 2009; Luo and Zhan, 2012), reflecting the Chinese saying: "A daughter is like a little quilted vest to warm her parents' hearts" (guinu shi bama de tiexin xiaomian'ao).
This paper investigates the implications of the filial piety Chinese learners bring into Western, Christian academic environments by presenting a brief summary of affective learning, a survey of current research on filiality in Chinese society and education, and an exploration of xiao in the Confucian tradition.
However, filial piety can also depend on how children were treated by their parents.
La respuesta del gobierno espanol, ante la nacionalizacion en Bolivia, disto mucho de la virulencia que expresaron sus funcionarios cuando la ultima semana de abril se conocio que el gobierno argentino planeaba nacionalizar un porcentaje mayoritario de la empresa petrolera YPF, filial de la espanola Repsol.
Asi, desde una nueva perspectiva se analiza a la filial en primera persona, con unas caracteristicas propias, diferenciadas de otras filiales hermanas, que asume un rol estrategico especifico y mantiene unas relaciones determinadas con la matriz de la EMN, bajo un entorno particular y a la que le corresponde hacer unas aportaciones al conjunto de la corporacion.
This raises questions on Weber's perspective of Confucianism and seeks theoretical foundations for an alternative argument involving the Confucian value of filial piety (xiao in Chinese, hyo in Korean, and kou in Japanese).
Chapter five, "The Arithmetic of Filial Piety," serves as a transition between the highly structured huaben and the more fluid long novel and conceptualizes boundaries of consanguineous, rather than legal, familial relationships.
Comstor, filial de Westcon Group, sera el encargado de distribuir los productos de Cisco y soluciones complementarias, usando su organizacion, con el apalancamiento de servicios y capacidades operacionales en Mexico.