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Despite these variations and exceptions, overall, however, participants tended to espouse a negative characterization of others in "Canadian society" as filially irresponsible.
When I returned to Montana in late-September, the weather had filially cooled down.
This not only damages customary morality, but also humiliates the worthy senior officers, the sefu, the sanlao, and the Filially Pious and Fraternal.
In 1842, just two years before the first publication of A Drama of Exile, Barrett published in The Athenaeum a series of essays on the patristic writers, (8) dismissing their theology and their authority, but arguing learnedly about their poetry, principally from a philological point of view: Barrett is determined "by no means to recognize a hierarchy, whether in the Church or in literature"; "To these 'Fathers,' as we call them filially, with heads turned away, we owe more reverence for the grayness of their beards than theological gratitude.