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Although both modes are filiated to the body, and both constitute the externalized memory, they can be differentiated as the gestural-graphic work of the hand and verbal-gestural work of the face.
Eliot describes this medium in his famous analogy of the mind to "a bit of finely filiated platinum" which, when introduced into a chamber full of oxygen and sulfur dioxide, can cause the two common gases-emotion and feeling-to be transmuted into "sulfuric acid":
It is another to take the idea of technological innovation out of context and mm it into the analytic adhesive in a collection of interesting but loosely filiated and at times inaccessible essays.
When the text that is being read is filiated to the work of sages, then reading, far from being a simple activity of leisure, is bound up with the realization of sagely government.
James's preface, on the other hand, wants to demonstrate precisely the ways in which the representation is grounded empirically in and is filiated to reality--a justification of the "real" in "realism." The Preface represents an attempt to demystify the relation of representation to that which is represented.
The theory for Eliot's aesthetic practice, provided in "Tradition and the Individual Talent" (1919), claimed that aesthetic effects were "catalyzed" by the juxtaposition of images, the poet being "a bit of finely filiated platinum" (Selected Essays 17).