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A tactic used by a legislative representative to hinder and delay consideration of and action to be taken on a proposed bill through prolonged, irrelevant, and procrastinating speeches on the floor of the House, Senate, or other legislative body.

A filibuster is stopped by cloture, a legislative procedure that enables a vote to be taken on the proposed measure.


noun attempt to obstruct legislation, blockage, cunctation, delay, delay in legislation, dilatory obstruction, hindrance, impediment, interference, obstruction to congressional action, prevention of congressional action, protraction, retardation, retardment, stalling, stoppage
See also: delay, detain, forestall, hold up, procrastinate, prolong, protract, restrain, stall
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The filibuster thus entered the couch-potato world of virtual reality, where an actual speech no longer is required to block a vote.
Instead of amending those bills and sending them back to the House, the Senate seized up--not for lack of majority will, but because of minority recalcitrance and the post-1970 filibuster.
The filibuster in one form or another dates back to the 19th century but assumed its current form in the 1970s.
had employed a seldom-used parliamentary procedure, now often referred to as the "nuclear option," to change Senate rules to eliminate the right to filibuster presidential nominees, including nominees to the lower federal courts.
There are now 20, up from 16 on Friday, who have backed Democratic leader Chuck Schumer's filibuster call.
Republicans are frustrated by the Senate Democratic minority's embrace of the same filibuster tool that Republicans so skillfully used to grind legislative machinery to a halt when Democrats controlled the Senate.
By itself, this precedent would provide the Senate with a new procedural tool against filibusters by single senators or very small coalitions.
In this hour I shall argue that, contrary to what many senators say and what some of them might even believe, the Senate may eliminate current filibuster practice on any day it chooses, and may do so by a simple majority vote.
Not only have we seen a large increase in the threat of filibusters in the modern era, and a corresponding use of cloture as a commonly used majority tactic, but the abusive use of the legislative "hold" has also emerged.
14) The data show that many recent filibusters have served to
Davis' campaign raised nearly $1 million in the last two weeks of June - the overwhelming majority of it between her filibuster on June 25 and the end of the campaign finance reporting period on June 30.