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In fact, according to the survey, 58 percent of respondents thought that all of the first-year transition rules should be retained for 2006 tax return filing.
The IRS's electronic filing (e-filing) program started with individual returns.
Consolidated filings for income producing properties that are comprised of multiple lots are not permitted by Finance.
EDGAR Online provides financial information (including EDGAR filings and XBRL financial statements) and a variety of analysis tools via online subscriptions and licensing agreements to professionals in financial institutions, corporations and accounting firms.
Although former SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt first mentioned XBRL in 2000, it was not until 2004 that the SEC embraced XBRL with the release of two documents--Concept Release: Enhancing Commission Filings Through the Use of Tagged Data, www.
Though it might seem to make those filings easier, there's still some resistance, according to James V.
Bankruptcy filings by Los Angeles-area residents hoping to eliminate their mounting debts and start over again have soared in recent months, as much due to the prospect of tougher laws as the weak economy.
Depending on the location and laws, there can be two to three filings per property, including notice of default and/or notice of foreclosure auction, both pre-foreclosure, and notice of REO or lender owned real estate, which happens after a foreclosed property fails to sell at auction and reverts back to the lender.
Because 10-K Lookup is easy to use and offers advanced full-text search functionality, CCH says, it can be employed by novices and experts alike to quickly find valuable information within SEC EDGAR filings, such as detail on financial statements; management's discussion and analysis (MD & A); legal and financial agreements; financial data; director and executives, insider transactions, and SEC news.
an exemption for business returns, especially given the fact that many business filings could not be electronically filed.
1) Bankruptcy filings for individuals or corporations can constitute either a petition for complete liquidation (Chapter 7) or a reorganization of assets and debts (Chapter 11).
Any such filings and payments will be considered timely and no late filing or late payment penalties will be imposed.