fill a vacancy

See: employ, hire
References in classic literature ?
Jabez Wilson,' said my assistant, 'and he is willing to fill a vacancy in the League.'
Governor Ned Lamont announced that he has scheduled April 16, 2019 as the date to hold a special election to fill a vacancy for state representative in the 19th Assembly District of the Connecticut House of Representatives, which consists of portions of Avon, Farmington, and West Hartford.
The House rules also states that a member elected or designated to fill a vacancy could serve only for the duration of the unexpired term.
If you are struggling to fill a vacancy please do contact us, even if it's just for us to give you a few helpful tips.
Senator to fill a vacancy until the election occurs, and he is
This was the process used in February when Joe Belanger was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Water-Sewer Commission by a joint majority vote of four selectmen and four commissioners.
"The government sectors concerned will recruit foreigners only if they fail to get qualified Saudi hands to fill a vacancy. Even in such cases, we hire foreigners on temporary basis until the time when qualified Saudis come forward to take up the job by replacing them," he said.
The President-elect shall succeed to the Presidency at the expiration of the President's term of office or to fill a vacancy in the office of President occurring during the President-elect's term of office.
One Cardiff GP said finding the right candidate to fill a vacancy had become ``a luxury''.
The 15th Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission is now accepting applications to fill a vacancy on the Palm Beach County bench created by the elevation of Judge Kenneth D.
Geoff Martin, prospective candidate for general secretary of health union Unison, said: "In 1994 the average time to fill a vacancy in the West Midlands was 7.2 weeks.