filled with pride

See: disdainful
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The Le Barge Indian was a young man, unlearned yet in his own limitations, and filled with pride.
And looks so big to everyone that he is filled with pride.
So sleep peacefully now, may your heart be filled with pride
Neighbour Bernie Downes told how Mrs Marrinan was filled with pride following the birth of her grandchild.
HE strode down the road, large bag dangling from his hand, face filled with pride.
A SERGEANT was yesterday filled with pride when his youngest son became the fourth family member in the Royal Air Force Regiment.
Now, though, her family is filled with pride for their new "TV star".
I just completely filled with pride to see my husband and father of my baby leading the team.
You are filled with pride, whoever you are playing against.
The moment she opened the letter was filled with pride and sadness as her dad died at the end of last year in Deeside hospital after suffering from prostate cancer and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder).
The Hoops boss was filled with pride after Thursday's success against Zenit St Petersburg opened the door to a last 16 spot in the Europa League.
The parents and teachers were filled with pride and contentment when all the students fully clad in their customary gowns joined the procession with fervour and jubilation.