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Analysis of the interaction between filling technique and sealer showed that Obtura II and MicroSeal filled with AH Plus presented the highest adhesion values (4.
Comparison of apical leakage between canals filled with gutta-percha/AH Plus and the Resilon/Epiphany System, when submitted to two filling techniques.
Lateral compaction was chosen in this study and served as control as it is one of the most commonly used techniques in endodontics and often has been used as the standard to which the sealing ability of new filling techniques or materials can be compared.
Quality of root fillings performed with two root filling techniques.
Additionally, the researchers have developed vapor cell filling techniques and measured the effect of vapor cell buffer gas pressure on the intrinsic line width of Cs vapor atomic transitions.
Another innovation in the Mentor 20nm reference flow for TSMC is the Calibre SmartFill solution, which optimizes filling techniques to reduce the risk of differences between pre- and post-fill timing analysis, while ensuring that overall run times and files sizes are controlled despite the significant increase in GDS data at 20nm.
An exvivo evaluation of gutta filling techniques when used with two endodontic sealers, analysis of filling of main and lateral canals.
In this phase, researchers also plan to study the effects of different racking, topping and filling techniques on the evolution of dissolved oxygen in the wine following the procedure.
Fill tubes, developed to overcome damage to the foam from free-falling sand filling techniques, were designed based on mold cluster configuration.
While this description may seem overly simplistic, good molten metal handling and mold filling techniques are crucial in producing sound castings and should not be downplayed.
3,4,6-12) There are several studies about materials and root canal filling techniques that aim to achieve apical sealing of teeth.