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The objective of the scheme is to create an enabling environment for industrial development to provide a fillip to private investment in these States.
The Bank of England said that it was ending the programme that was aimed at giving a fillip to the nation's housing market.
And partly it's down to the Olympics, which has been more significant in London, though it should give a longer lasting fillip to businesses in all parts of Britain.
It underlines the mental fragility that has dogged Offaly for several years Barring a draw at Croke Park tomorrow, either Ollie Baker or Jerry Wallace will be looking forward to welcoming All-Ireland club medal winners into the panel, something that would be a great fillip for either county.
Summary: In contrast to certain rightist radicals objecting to young girls frequenting the bars to chill out as witnessed in Mangalore, the pub culture in Chandigarh gets a fillip as youngsters become regular tipplers at the pubs and lounge bars.
BRC director general Kevin Hawkins said: "The weather gave a much-needed fillip to the clothing and footwear sectors, but secondly and more importantly, price promotions and cuts in base prices were widespread across all sectors, resulting in an unprecedented number of buying opportunities.
Liverpool senior partner Barry Flynn said: "It is a huge fillip because it means the firm is behind us in Liverpool.
The fund was launched at the Fillip Conference in Coventry and small and medium enterprises will be able to apply for aid to protect and exploit the value of their intellectual property, such as patents, designs and trade marks.
What a tremendous fillip that must have been for Craig Bellamy.
According to some economists, a stimulus provided by the central bank of Lebanon would give a fillip to growth for the Lebanese economy.
The work is anticipated to enhance and give a fillip to the GDP growth rate in Cameroon.