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ANGRY: Members of the Beaconsfield Community Centre are upset after burglars stole items including a film projector
The desk is a little magic box with a film projector in it.
The 'auditorium' - a cosy conference room equipped with a film projector - had been decorated with traditional Japanese wall hangings, paintings and Bonsai trees, and there was even a selection of common Japanese phrases complete with their English translations on a flip-chart for any budding scholars among us to practise our language skills.
Another symbol is a film projector, which ties in with the invention of celluloid at the Elkington factory .
Detachable metal poles, portable screens, and a dolly-mounted film projector showing a hypnotic loop of a racing, white-capped current of water are central to making the stage a world.
AN independent cinema is facing a PS20,000 repair bill after an audience member vandalised their film projector.
There, beyond the crackle and whir of a 35-mm film projector, Gaillard's mesmerizing elegy for a ruined Iraq, Artefacts, 2011, was playing in a continuous loop on a screen more than nineteen feet high.
uk /video Landmarks of cinema - from animation, to the talkies, to 3D The first animated film was created by Charles-emile Reynaud and shown in 1892 in Paris using a system similar to a modern film projector.
The theaters will feature digital projectors, which provide brighter pictures and better sound than a traditional film projector, Burchett said.
Targeting high net worth professional people, as well as sport and pop stars, the business aims to provide technology ( including multi-room audio, home automation systems, and home cinemas complete with film projector and luxurious cinema seating.
It will be an emotional day for owner Brian Bull, the man whose love of the cinema began when he was given a 35mm film projector at the age of eight.