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A document that is filed or introduced in evidence in a lawsuit, as in the phrases papers in the case and papers on appeal.

Any written or printed statement, including letters, memoranda, legal or business documents, and books of account, in the context of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which protects the people from unreasonable searches and seizures with respect to their "papers" as well as their persons and houses.

In the context of accommodation paper and Commercial Paper, a written or printed evidence of debt.

See: blank, certificate, document, form, instrument, pandect
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Kozliak foresees bacteria being applied to contaminated surfaces in a gel or pellet form, methods that mimic the laboratory application by agar or filter paper.
PCR analysis of DNA extracted immediately from the cell suspensions by the QIAamp column extraction method (Q-DNA) and DNA extracted from cells stored on FTA Gene Guard filter paper (F-DNA) was performed with PCR primers from the [beta]globin locus and the IFN-[gamma] locus.
A drop is placed on the filter paper until the clay can no longer adsorb any methylene blue.
Any statements included in this press release which pertain to future financial and business performance, conditions and strategies and other financial and business matters, including expectations about market conditions in the beverage filter paper market and the timing of and financial benefits from the paper machine upgrade, are "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of the safe harbor provisions of the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.
Kai Wulff, general sales manager for Glatfelter's Food & Beverage division believes that non-heat-sealable teabag filter papers made from Abaca remain the most sustainable solution for teabags.
5 showed that a Lower Limit Of Detection (LOD) of 360 copies could be obtained when 200 micro litre of EDTA or Heparin plasma was spotted on a filter paper and the correlation with plasma tested directly with the COBAS Amplicor test was excellent (R=0.
We also performed a controlled experiment with bloodspot filter papers stored under different conditions of heat and humidity to assess their relative influence on the activities of the enzymes of interest.
Blood Collection on Filter Paper For Neonatal Screening Programs; Approved Standard LA4-A3.
As the researchers increased the amount of the two compounds on filter paper glued to a roach's back the roach was more likely to display dominant behavior when paired with another male roach.
The papers are produced by four manufacturers: Awa Paper, Toyo Roshi, Azumi Filter Paper and Tokyo Roshi.
The new edition of Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute's (CLSI) document titled Blood Collection on Filter Paper for Newborn Screening Programs; Approved Standard--Fifth Edition (LA4-A5) addresses the issues associated with specimen collection, the filter paper collection device, and the transfer of blood onto filter paper, and provides uniform techniques for collecting the best possible specimen for use in newborn screening programs.