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The Speaker House at Nathia Gali has also been issued a notice of the fine of Rs10000 for spreading filth.
But don't panic, there is still his usual wit (and a little bit of filth) as he talks about everything from homelessness to Japanese poetry and his own fame.
Wastewater passes through the pumps for further purification and recycling, but now the filth is gaining in 2 reservoirs with the combined capacity of 25 thousand cubic meters.
So if there are any doctors receptionists or hospital workers out there reading this, spare a thought for patients and turn this filth off!
McAvoy, who played a drunken, womanis ing police officer in Irvine Welsh's Filth, said he had to break a habit after playing foul-mouthed inspector Bruce Robertson.
This might be one of the reasons why Jones requested viewers to "stop filling your head with filth" in his 2012 YouTube appeal.
ISN'T it about time the government recognised the immensity of the dog filth problem which hits our pavements, PARKS, beaches and playing fields?
WHILE Sunshine On Leith will make you feel like floating away, Filth is cinema's equivalent of experiencing a heavy Scottish downpour - without your coat on.
Zero means what it says, so let us not play with semantics and edge zero tolerance with the usual candy-coated soft touch that has left many of us in the city living in a perpetual state of filth or having to report other people's mess to get it cleaned up.
Over 30 years he played in local punk bands including The Filth, Dogsflesh and his last group Funhouse.
The Filth Hounds - Hooked On Love/ Too Damn Good HARD rock metal is channelled by The Filth Hounds in this two-track release as they adopt what some may consider to be a dated genre.
The Filth Licker follows on from Cristy Burne's prizewinning first novel, Takeshita Demons.