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Switching from seemingly trivial and inconsequential little filthiness, that of the driver and his conductor, to wider taints and slovenliness, like that of the president and his cabinet ministers, is Armah's way of marking the lack of beauty in newly independent Ghana.
The majority of them blamed others for the filthiness, but a few decided to be more conscious about cleanliness.
Throckmorton adds that while Catherine may boast "that she hath brought us into this world such a litter," her children have produced nothing but "hypocrisy, filthiness of life, and persecuting of the church of God.
Other foreign visitors remarked on its filthiness, and the " indolence" and " ignorance" of the Meccans.
As a result the majority of streams and springs have either dried up or unusable for consumption by filthiness.
Despite his filthiness, Evelyn suffered most from the plague through the deaths of two of his children.
In this introductory letter the author wastes little time in delving into his mocking harangues against a perceived laziness, lasciviousness, filthiness, and general lack of moral character which, he asserts, characterizes the inhabitants of Mexico (and Mexico City in particular).
REPORTS of profiteering, filthiness and other issues in two Ayia Napa hotels were highlighted by a consumer group on Tuesday, with hoteliers' association boss Haris Loizides and Ayia Napa mayor Yiannis Karousos asking for all available information so that they could investigate the reports.
Their looks were of the most wretched and disgusting filthiness.
Attributes evaluated were: viscosity, syneresis, filthiness aroma, rancidity, flavor, and bitterness.
4 The size of the dropsie you leave to betting-shop staff after a big win depends solely on the filthiness of the blonde cashier.