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Mr Clarke said: "The windows of both the cell and the toilet recess were broken, the light fitting in his toilet was broken with wires exposed, the lavatory was filthy and appeared to be blocked, his sink was leaking and the cell was dark and damp.
RAWALPINDI: Residents of Rawalpindi and adjoining areas are made to purchase filthy fish as markets are over flooded and there are less consumers.
Filthy Friends is like many bands: It finds joy in getting together and playing music.
We cannot stand for a minute near these streams as the stench coming out of the heaps of garbage and filthy, still water cannot allow you to do so,' said Mohammad sohail, a resident.
A MUM who ran a filthy burger van where grease dripped down the walls and the same knife was used to cut raw meat and bread buns has been fined.
He said on the occasion that he was doing the filthy business from the past 50 years and was involved in selling of drugs and running the gambling centers but he left these filthy businesses and wants to lives the rest of life in respectable manner.
A TAKEAWAY has been hit with heavy fines after inspectors found rat droppings in kitchen, and filthy conditions.
Incinerators play a big role in filthy air THE West Midlands is "losing the fight against filthy air" (Birmingham Mail, September 2) because the region has been ignoring the adverse impact of incinerator emissions on health and only sees traffic emissions.
The faded, filthy and graffitied sign is barely readable - and is also out of date with many of the changes to the city centre, including the pedestrianisation of St Mary Street, not marked.
That game is called Filthy Mime, and it might be the filthiest party game ever.
The Filthy Tongues Jacob's Ladder MARTIN Metcalfe, Fin Wilson and Derek Kelly have been titans of the Scots music scene since the 80s.
The former Blu Bambu venue has been transformed into trendy Irish bar Filthy McNasty's.