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We hypothesized that this fungus produced those alkaloids in the culture filtrate of WBS007 as well as authentic peiminine in the mycelia of it.
This is used to displace the residual filtrate from between the product crystals.
After 100 minutes from the beginning of filtration, the oil concentration in the filtrate exceeded the limit of 5 mg/L.
Remiantis gautais rezultatais nustatoma kalcio koncentracija savartyno filtrate (mg/l).
Sample filtrates (500 [micro]L), controls, calibrators, and an HCl blank were next treated with sodium nitrite (30 [micro]L of 5 mmol/L sodium nitrite in working citrate buffer) to convert sample ascorbate to dehydroascorbate.
At the same time, the arrival of the more sensitive Perkin-Elmer 303 spectrophotometer permitted use of a 1:50 dilution of serum, which avoided clogging of the burner by protein and so eliminated the need for preparation of a protein-free filtrate.
The benefits of reverse osmosis are that the filtrate will be pathogen free and the membranes are very effective on all types of dissolved solids removal and not limited to removal of one or a few contaminants.
Tenders are invited for Servicing/Repairing /Renovation of filtrate pump house rehabilitation of at STP Ghitorni
Utilizing their patented electrocoagulation system, Ecoloclean Industries provides environmental waste removal services to treat and filtrate impurities in discharge water and other contaminated and/or polluted liquids.
Ehlers continued: "The SalivaSac is a patented device that collects a sterile filtrate of saliva.
Tenders are invited for Replacement of Pumps in the filtrate pump House at phase I and II NSTP Coronation Pillar