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The surface morphologies of zwitterionic copolymer and cement filtrate cake were determined by Model XL-30 SEM instrument.
The culture filtrate also showed algicidal activity after being treated with different rang of temperature (4, 20, 40, 50, 70 and 100[degrees]C) for two hours.
The concentration of GA in the culture filtrate of the endophytic bacterial isolates was determined by the starch agar halo test.
Culture filtrates of different species of Trichoderma are known to exhibit herbicidal activity against little seed canary grass (Phalaris minor Retz.
We hypothesized that this fungus produced those alkaloids in the culture filtrate of WBS007 as well as authentic peiminine in the mycelia of it.
Once the solid and liquid are separated by applying gas pressure (usually nitrogen), it is important to remove the residual filtrate and wash out any impurities.
The content was blended at high speed for 1 minute then the pour was extracted into fluted filter paper and the filtrate was collected in a clean vessel.
The quantity of alkali consumed in the titration of the filtrate of the mixture after digestion is that required for the surplus acid which represents the measure of the bating agent strength.
Siekiant nustatyti skendinciuju medziagu kieki filtrate, pirmiausia imama po du 200 ml turio bandinius is kiekvieno butelio.