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Recently it has been found that ribonucleic acid (RNA) polymerase, sigma S(RpoS), a sigma factor, influences type 1 fimbriae gene expression.
While omental wrapping of the line is one main cause of catheter malfunctioning (Xie, Ren, Kiryluk, & Chen, 2010), only anecdotal cases of peritoneal catheter obstruction by tubaric fimbriae are described in the literature (Abidin, Spector, & Kittur, 1990; Macallister & Morgan, 1993; Moreiras-Plaza & Caceres-Alvarado, 2004; Sinha & Dastidar, 2011; Uchiyama, Fujikawa, Suga, & Naito, 2001), none of them involving adult patients with complex malformative syndrome.
Pasteurella multocida (type D and type A) and atrophic rhinitis of pigs hemagglutination fimbriae and adhesion in vitro to nasal mucosa of neonatal pigs (in German).
In the present study, biofilm inhibition by coumarins was partially elucidated as being caused by the repressions of curli genes and motility genes by coumarin and by umbelliferone, and resultant reductions in fimbriae production (Fig.
Fungal fimbriae have been observed in the para nasal sinuses of healthy patients and those with sinusitis.
The surface properties of a bacterium are determined by the exact molecular composition of its membrane and cell envelope, including capsules, glycocalyx, S layers, peptidoglycan and LPS, and the other surface structures, such as flagella and pili or fimbriae.
The fimbriae mutant had the largest negative effect on biofilm amounts.
Functional differences of Porphyromonas gingivalis fimbriae in determining periodontal disease pathogenesis: a literature review
coli and Proteus specie have fimbriae that mediate bacterial attachment to specific receptors on epithelial cells.
5-6 mm long, fimbriae 1-4 mm long, curly; culm leaf oral setae 2.