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Finagle enables the publish-and-subscribe distribution of premium, rich digital content in a secure environment.
Speaking to reps, he recommended they work the market, get Spanish-speaking employees who can serve the large Latin American community, push products and promote them in a unique manner, work with factories to get the best rates on freight and finagle closeouts, which larger players disdain.
The average American, flooded with reports about the Menendez brothers, the Bobbitts, the trials resulting from the Los Angeles riots, as well as the guests on salacious talk shows, might well conclude that anyone can finagle his or her way to freedom with a sad story and slick attorneys.
But even with a cap on the amount of sales the store can make with the promotion, you have to wonder how she was able to finagle an insurance company into backing such a deal.
These super-shrewd legalistic composers depend on gullibility and brainwashing to finagle schemes that our legislators refuse to consider.
to finagle their way back into their wives' good graces, their
The Sun went into Thursday morning with the prediction that "Patrick, DiMasi and Murray will finagle a way to keep the convention vote from taking place.
The recalled unpasteurized orange juice, with date codes of July 25 or earlier, was sold under the following labels: Natalie's Orchid Island Juice Company, Ultimate Juice, Albritton Fruit, Finagle A Bagel, Gourmet Garage, Kings Market, Nino Salvaggio, Schnucks, Wegmans, Balducci's and Zabars.
For two Democratic operatives, who appear to have missed a step or two (and you have to draw such a conclusion, given their inability to finagle themselves out of this nonissue) that is a long, long time to ask them to walk the straight and narrow.
But recently he managed to finagle about $480 million in savings and new revenues from the Bush administration in Washington, D.
Gazelle's solutions are used by major national and regional restaurant companies including Finagle A Bagel, based in Boston, Massachusetts, Louise's Trattoria, based in Los Angeles, California, and No Anchovies
Districts could not disenfranchise minority communities - as did the Boston-area finagle that precipitated the political downfall of House Speaker Thomas M.