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Guinevere Pettigrew is the anti-Mary Poppins, a London governess who has been fired so many times for trying to impose her Victorian morals on her 1930s streamline moderne employers, that, half-starved, she descends to finagling a job she's utterly unqualified for as the social secretary to the ambitious American actress.
Elsewhere, Kaphar discards frames entirely--presenting canvases in disheveled heaps, like discarded garments--or overpaints turn-of-the-century portrait-studio photographs, turning white to black and finagling prosperous sitters into mixed marriages.
Daniel Shea's crusade results in an explosive collision between organized crime and national politics, which leads to the emergence of Carlo Tramonti, boss of New Orleans, who challenges Michael's political finagling before the crime families.
Stretching the conventions of the genre to breaking point, Defoe plays with pirates in similar fashion to Terry Pratchett's finagling of swords and sorcery.
The current financial environment of short-term finagling, tax avoidance, and revenue boosting for the sake of pleasing the latest Wall Street analyst of the day has skewed the way the accounting profession does things.
Focusing most extensively on transportation entrepreneurs, Wills details the finagling of those who pioneered, piloted, and profited from the region's commercial waterways and railroads.
In other words, fate makes up your crib at birth and no amount of striving, aspiring or even finagling will unmake it.
Claimed reserves have increased, but this is due more to political and statistical finagling than to actual new discoveries.
Through complex finagling, they were able to buy up connecting lines, thereby completing a new route to New Orleans.
Everything is worked out to the benefit of all parties, but requires many sacrifices by the formerly self-centered, young Matt/Manta, as well as some finagling by Jakob and his crewmembers, who have come to respect the Qanska.
Gould critiques genetic explanations for intelligence (such as measuring intelligence by the size of skulls); he critiques Samuel George Morton's inadvertent but racist finagling of data; and he critiques Cyril Burt's fraudulent data.