final assessment

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The demo has been implemented as a final assessment of the overall capabilities of the Company's technology before launch.
The Department will schedule a hearing in 2012 for confirmation of the final assessment roll.
Two more surveys are scheduled following Tuesday's event, one near the end of March, and the final assessment of the season late in April.
Status : The final costs will be reviewed and adjusted among the project partners and the final assessment roll will be presented to the City Council in 2012.
Phase 3, which includes 15,000 feet of in-fill drilling, will follow before the final assessment of reserves is made.
The final assessment will go before the City Council in the Fall of 2012
From the initial document review to the final assessment audit, IBS clearly demonstrated a strong belief that ISO 9001:2000 registration would result in a more efficient and productive business.
The final assessment breakdown was un-available at deadline, but special franchise assessments did go up.
In her final assessment, she judges the impact of Fortitude to be minimal.
After completing a final assessment, Michael was announced the winner at an awards ceremony.
The money raised will be used to hire costumes and other props for the girl's final assessment to complete their course.
I will then work with the dog for three to four days, during which time a final assessment will be made.