final assessment

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He directed officers concerned that final assessment of pesticides and fertiliser laboratories for ISO accreditation should be completed till Feb 28, 2018.
This year, 66% of pre-reg optometrists passed their final assessment compared to 77% in 2012.
The students sat for an initial assessment prior to starting the course and a final assessment upon completion.
Besides, the December 7, 2012, final assessment notice that preceded the FDDA was issued more than three years past the last day of payment of the taxes covering the months of January to October 2009.
To make the competition more transparent and inspiring, entries would be sent to the renowned media mentors teachers for the evaluation and final assessment of the contents.
from 30 days following the date of the original 2016 final assessment order, Cairn said in a notice to shareholders.
EPA released its final assessment on the effects of fracking on drinking water --an inquiry that began at the request of Congress.
This information is reflected in the revised conclusion of the final assessment, which ensures the continued safe use of C.
The outcome of the final assessment is another example of the positive impact CPMA's collaborative efforts have had on the industry in North America.
In the summary table 1, there are presented arithmetic mean values mean, standard deviation, maximum and minimum values recorded by the experimental and control groups according to their height, weight, body width and the Ruffier Test in the initial and final assessment.
In outline form, the first part describes the anatomy of the eye and eyelid, trachoma and its effect on the eye, history and examination for upper eyelid trichiasis, indications for surgery, assessing the fitness of patients, facilities and surgical materials, sterilization, patient preparation, injecting local anesthetic, surgical procedure, postoperative care, and results, followed by a section on the selection and final assessment of trainees.
VIENNA, Nov 19 (KUNA) -- IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano is scheduled to present his final assessment of the nuclear verification and inspections in Iran on December 15, the UN nuclear watchdog said Wednesday.