final authority

See: arbiter
References in classic literature ?
With the men of his yacht he remained the just but firm commander--there was never any more question in the jungle than there had been on board the LADY ALICE as to who was the final authority in all questions of importance, and in all emergencies requiring cool and intelligent leadership.
But with Penfentenyou behind him he had worked; for he told us that Lord Lundie--the Law Lord was the final authority on the legal and constitutional aspects of the Great Idea, and to him it must be referred.
Whoever wants to be in the party will have to accept Nawaz as final authority," he said.
The Bible is the foundation and final authority for all Christian belief and behaviour.
While the pilot's go or no-go decision is critical for the folks downstream, the final authority rests with the pilot in command who owns the risk.
CBAHI is an official body that has final authority for granting accreditation to health facilities that make an extraordinary commitment to providing safe, high-quality care.
During the last hearing, the federal government told SHC that it had the final authority to appoint police chief of any province, but the Sindh government alleged that the federation was blatantly interfering in provincial affairs through the inspector general of police.
NEPRA being an independent body is final authority to decide the tariff in light of the national policy.
He said, NEPRA being an independent body was final authority to decide the tariff in light of the national policy.
Commissioner Jones has the final authority in the case and will make a final decision at the conclusion of the case, which is still pending.
But to people who treat Ayn Rand's words as the final authority on political matters, none of that matters.
The decisions of the Supreme Court are regarded as essentially a part of the Constitution, and therefore the Supreme Court is the final authority on constitutional change.