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"Language development is the final common pathway of most things you'll worry about developmentally in kids, If the language is OK, they're probably OK, Language is a great marker," said Dr.
The etiology of term PROM remains unclear and likely involves a final common pathway for several related intrinsic and/or extrinsic processes.
Ritvo says the Utah study provides "the best evidence to date" that in a significant minority of cases, autistic symptoms represent the final common pathway of several diseases that undermine brain function.
Although largely speculative, a "best-fit" model has been suggested as the unifying final common pathway. Of course, this pathway may be triggered by a variety of aetiological agents and clinical conditions and is conditioned by the racial and genetic make-up of the individual.
The final common pathway, however, described by Polster et al.(3) is that of transient white-matter oedema with or without demyelination.