final condemnation

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On that date the DOT took control of the Fisher Industrial Center and the I-90 Building under a possession and use agreement, pending determination of final condemnation proceeds.
Bolton delivered the final condemnation, winning 2-1 against Middlesbrough who could in all fairness be mauled by a mouse on their travels.
The child's tears were the final condemnation of all wars which shatter people who love each other,' he said.
His views prompted hostile rejoinders in at least six treatises and eight councils, culminating in a final condemnation in Rome in 1079.
Rather than seeing the new round of sectarian violence tearing Iraq apart as a bloody and final condemnation of that immoral, illegal and ignominious invasion, you and your cadre of corrupt cronies are seizing on the opportunity to clear the air.
The recent convictions, the Special Court's acting prosecutor Joseph Kamara said in language now stock and formulaic, were "a final condemnation of one of the most brutal and notorious rebel groups in modern times.