final condition

See: ultimatum
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The final condition, which he said would be "decisive," was to bring together regional actors with a stake in the conflict.
A final condition laid down by planners is that construction work begins no earlier than 7.
Pacific North West (PNW) Integrated LNG project in Canada remains at conditional FID stage, pending the close-out of the final condition to obtain an approval from the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency.
Doctors said that they have to wait for 48 hours before saying anything about his final condition," Gaber said.
We classified the final condition of all crabs that had been tagged, including crabs no longer attached to their tag, and recorded the status of unrecovered tags in the following manner.
This was the final condition precedent to be met with respect to Red Emperor's farmin agreement with Otto Energy Limited (ASX: OEL), as announced on 2[sup.
Fully bonded panels within aircraft must be assessed for their true, effective acoustic behaviour in their final condition.
Councilor Lynn Miller proposed a final condition Monday night: that the city build incentives into the master plan to reward racetrack owners if they find ways to reduce noise even further, to 80 to 85 decibels.
Netanyahu's final condition was that the Palestinian National Authority must 'overcome Hamas'.
Paul Ramsay, prosecuting, said he breached the final condition yesterday.
The latter transaction will be finalized only upon meeting the final condition provided for under the terms of the agreement, namely for SEL to obtain a bank commitment to provide the funding for the purchase of the equity stake.
satisfies the final condition precedent under the Farm-out Agreement.