final condition

See: ultimatum
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He admitted breaching this final condition last Saturday when he failed to give his details to police between noon and 4pm.
The final condition precedent to the closing of the acquisition of the Lands has been satisfied and the closing date for the acquisition of the lands has been extended to 29 August.
Strasbourg, France, Muharram 04, 1438, October 05, 2016, SPA -- The European Union ratified the international Paris agreement on climate change late Tuesday, fulfilling the second and final condition for the accord to go into force later this year, according to dpa.
Therefore one can not get a logical connection between the two distributions because one could not associate the process initial and final condition logically considering what we know from the Standard Model.
Doctors said that they have to wait for 48 hours before saying anything about his final condition," Gaber said.
The final condition, which he said would be "decisive," was to bring together regional actors with a stake in the conflict.
Fully bonded panels within aircraft must be assessed for their true, effective acoustic behaviour in their final condition.
We classified the final condition of all crabs that had been tagged, including crabs no longer attached to their tag, and recorded the status of unrecovered tags in the following manner.
The final condition addresses concerns about the new standards developed as a result of Resolution 787 being compatible with existing standards.
The approval of this disbursement was pending on the fulfilment of the final condition set by the creditors, namely the restructuring of the Hellenic Defense Systems (EAS).
Aviva Chief Executive Officer Lindsay Reed said: 'Aviva is delighted that the final condition precedent to the sale of AMK to ABG has been satisfied.
A final condition was that any candidate should come from DIKO, which is the biggest of the minority parties.