final demand

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The ABS has reported that Victorias growth in State Final Demand over the year to September was 4.
The Producer Price Index for final demand was unchanged in August, seasonally adjusted.
The Labour Department said on Friday its producer price index for final demand fell 0.
Money Saving Expert com said a customer received a final demand from Collections Direct 16 months after they had switched to another supplier.
The Department of Labor indicated that the index for final demand moved up 1.
The PPI for final-demand trade services, which track changes in margins for goods sold to final demand, rose 4.
Third-quarter data and revised figures of earlier quarters confirm the slowdown of all the components of final demand, as was projected.
Meanwhile, business sits on new investment projects, unwilling to give them a green light unless final demand picks up.
Energy prices are on the rise The 'lecky' is burning the sockets Shareholders all with stars in their eyes While sterling is lining their pockets Winter is coming it'll only get worse To heat or eat are the topics While you and me will empty the purse They will be off to the tropics They tell us they care, tell us they share The loss we're all going through While they're getting tanned on our final demand Well I've had enough, have you?
Over this time period, the average difference in the estimate of savings institution output for final demand using the new method is about 54 percent of the estimate based on the current methodology.
A campaign called Final Demand is calling for a public inquiry into the power of the big six energy companies and urgent action to stop the Government killing off our clean British energy providers.
Nearly one in 10 admit not always opening their bank statements and bills, while five per cent ignore bills completely until they receive a final demand, Moneybasics.