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Rates generally edged lower during the early part of the period as incoming data were viewed by market participants as being consistent with continued moderation in final demands and a reduced need for any further monetary tightening actions.
However, a number of members expressed concern that the strength of final demands would not be sufficient to support growth near the economy's potential, absent a policy adjustment.
The projected moderation in the growth of final demands, which probably would be concentrated at least initially in the housing and consumer durables sectors, would undoubtedly reinforce an expected cutback in inventory investment from its unsustainable pace in recent quarters.
Final demands appeared to be strengthening in the context of improving business and consumer confidence.
PM said that Taliban leadership should be asked for their final demands and if Taliban give a positive response to talks and stick to their pledges than the dialogue process could move to the next phase.
I am now awaiting the day my husband walks through the door with an Oscar for inhabiting the roles of someone whose underwear and socks only leave the floor when he's wearing them; someone who doesn't know where anything is kept in the kitchen despite having lived in the house exactly as long as I have; someone who has no idea where the children's clothes are kept or how they got into the house and someone who thinks final demands and court summonses are a routine way of paying.
The meeting was attended by members of the work team, representatives of workers in oil and gas sector, the representative of the General Confederation of the Sultanate of Oman's Workers to complete discussing the final demands by oil and gas workers.
But as Denise, of Crowthorne, Berks, was wheeled into theatre, he scoured their home for clues - and found her secret stash of final demands.
But now I don't know where I'll find the money to pay my gas and electricity bills, for which I've had final demands.
I had six final demands, plus the threat of my supply being cut off in the presence of a JP, police officers and a gas fitter.
THOUSANDS of Scots taxpayers have been caught up in confusion over final demands from the Inland Revenue.
He claimed partner Claire had walked out on him over the situation and says he has been inundated with final demands for bills.