final determination

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Mr Allworthy, whose natural love of justice, joined to his coolness of temper, made him always a most patient magistrate in hearing all the witnesses which an accused person could produce in his defence, agreed to defer his final determination of this matter till the arrival of Jenny, for whom he immediately dispatched a messenger; and then having recommended peace between Partridge and his wife (though he addressed himself chiefly to the wrong person), he appointed them to attend again the third day; for he had sent Jenny a whole day's journey from his own house.
Well, this strange circumstance--which I have described with so much detail--was the ultimate cause which led me to taking my final determination.
This final determination she came to when she looked into the fire, he holding her hand.
to Razumihin's," he said all at once, calmly, as though he had reached a final determination.
If there is in each State a court of final jurisdiction, there may be as many different final determinations on the same point as there are courts.
The final determinations has been declared by the US Department of Commerce in the antidumping (AD) investigations of welded austenitic stainless steel pressure pipe from Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.
Although TPL challenged the ALJ's initial determination, the ITC Commissioners issued their final determination today confirming the ALJ's ruling of no infringement by LG.
The Utility Regulator has published its final determination on NIE's Transmission and Distribution price controls for RP5.
6015(f) if the taxpayer files a petition for relief with the tax court by the earlier of (1) 90 days after the IRS mails the taxpayer a notice of final determination with respect to the taxpayer's request for relief or (2) six months after the taxpayer makes the request for relief.
The Canada Border Services Agency's final determination noted that McCain Foods, which filed the original dumping complaint, withdrew its participation in the Canadian International Trade Tribunal's injury inquiry, forcing cancellation of a public hearing that had been scheduled to start August 16.
ARDA-LC generally makes a final determination within 30 calendar days from the date the team chief/appeals officer receives the request.
Shareholders are expected to receive corrected 1099-DIV forms reflecting the final determination in mid-November 2007.