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The tapeworm then matures in the final host over about three weeks and begins releasing egg pouches back into the environment.
ALLY MCCOIST said last week he expected Ibrox to be snubbed when it came to choosing the League Cup Final host.
The compilation in 458 pages provides detailed information on the intermediate hosts, mode of transmission of parasites to final host, differential larval stages and its transmission.
RONNIE Whelan and Michel Platini shared a private joke as they handed over the Europa League trophy to the Final host city Dublin this week.
The International Olympic Committee will make the final host city selection in 2009.
The lifecycle of the cestode requires 2 hosts; nonhuman primates are generally the final host, while oribatid mites are the intermediate host, in which the infective cysticercoid of the cestode develops.
The final host is the host in which the adult tapeworm lives.