final outcome

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References in classic literature ?
In the sum total of their points, however, the anthropoid had a shade the better of the battle, and had there been no other personal attribute to influence the final outcome, Tarzan of the Apes, the young Lord Greystoke, would have died as he had lived--an unknown savage beast in equatorial Africa.
I determined to wait the final outcome of the trial, that I might learn all that I could of the Okarian ruler's intentions, and then act accordingly.
Oil bears, however, believe speculating on the final outcome is premature.
Tehran / NINA /--Spokesman for Iranian Rescue Committee announced that the final outcome of the collapse of Iraqis tourists bus in Jallus area in northern Iran up to 25 dead and 16 wounded.
Since the Federal Budget was delivered, we have been working with the Commonwealth to determine what the final outcome will be for Victorian health services, Mr Davis said.
New Delhi, June 30 ( ANI ): French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius on Monday said that he was confident about the final outcome of bilateral talks with India to sell 126 Rafale fighter jets.
While the final outcome is what the council will be judged on, it has made a decent start on a project that is valuable indeed.
The decree was issued after al-Bashir received the final outcome of the referendum.
Home said the final outcome will depend on Christmas trading at Argos.
Chief executive Ken McMeikan said "We are on track to deliver our targets for the year, although the final outcome will depend on the important Christmas period.
3 : final outcome <Voters will decide the fate of the election.
The final outcome will be an artistic representation of the Liverpool Map, which will be donated to the Museum of Liverpool.