final outcome

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In the sum total of their points, however, the anthropoid had a shade the better of the battle, and had there been no other personal attribute to influence the final outcome, Tarzan of the Apes, the young Lord Greystoke, would have died as he had lived--an unknown savage beast in equatorial Africa.
I determined to wait the final outcome of the trial, that I might learn all that I could of the Okarian ruler's intentions, and then act accordingly.
Business leaders in the region have urged new Prime Minister Boris Johnson to deliver a final outcome on Brexit, with days to go until the UK's scheduled departure from the EU.
Justice Miangul Hassan Aurangzeb on a petition filed by former executive director Ogra Mohammad Yasin, however, allowed the government to 'continue the recruitment' but declared that the appointment would be subjected to the final outcome of the petition.
The report, therefore, recommended that the principal suspect in the person of Muhammadu Sanusi II and all other suspects connected with the case be suspended, pending the final outcome of the investigations.
This shows that continued occupation of Afghanistan is the main stumbling block to a final outcome as, from Taliban point of view, reduction in violence is linked to this fundamental issue.
He says that the recommendation is very clear in terms of the demands of the European Commission in meeting the obligations it submitted last year and significantly assessed the postponed reforms, but according to Maleski, it is still unknown what the final outcome will be at the Summit in June when the internal issues in the EU are known, to give a green light for opening the negotiations.
He pleaded with the court for setting aside the 100 per cent increase in medicine prices besides issuing a stay order till the final outcome of the petition.
Jimenez noted waiting for the final outcome of both 'complex' cases may further delay the printing of their ballots.
Senior guard Mason Wills hit 3-of-4 free throws in the closing two minutes, resulting in the final outcome.
David Furby, regional president, Chubb European Group, said, "Chubb has focused on delivering clarity, continuity of service and certainty for our customers, brokers and other partners, regardless of the final outcome of Brexit.
BAGHDAD / NINA /- The Ministry of Health announced the killing of 5 citizens and wounding 32 others in the final outcome of the explosion of the car bomb that hit a restaurant in the area of Al-Hajjaj north of Salah al-Din.