final point

References in classic literature ?
It was hard to give up pursuing the inquiry to that final point, but I forced myself to abandon all idea of continuing it.
And as if fate would have it, FEU's final point of the match turned out to be a service ace when UST's defense failed to return Czarina Grace Carandang's service.
Oblivious to the damage, he then prepares to make a final point to Neeta by setting fire to a picture given to her by Hunter.
It is believed the CCCC felt compelled to order a replay by the fact that Murphy was involved in Laois's final point, having won possession off a breaking ball immediately after replacing Quigley.
Federer, who pulled out of the final against Djokovic last year with a back injury, brought the tournament to a close in anticlimactic fashion once again, double-faulting on the final point.
Ayouri won the first session, then fell behind Walker before climbing back to win the final point and take the championship.
We have summoned Provincial Chiefs Secretaries on Thursday to take their final Point of view over devolution of ministries to Provinces, he said.
Summary: The two sides in the BBC pension dispute are to hold talks at conciliation service Acas to resolve a final point of clarification.
My final point is that we should see the far end of the terminal tidied up, as it looks like a derelict bomb site.
One final point is that because a few "barrow boy" journalists in 1982 chose to make disgusting statements about the sinking of the Belgrano does not mean that British people celebrated the death of enemy combatants.
Mr Harris's final point, however, is a very good one.