final state

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Like a water-wheel awhirl, Like the rolling of a pearl; Yet these but illustrate, To fools, the final state.
But the poem, though in its final state prolix and structurally formless, exhibits great power not only of moral conviction and emotion, but also of expression--vivid, often homely, but not seldom eloquent.
Final state approval to build the $200 million arena is expected to come in June, with construction starting in the fall.
PRESIDENT George Bush used his final State of the Union annual address to warn that the US economy would slow down, but only short-term.
PRESIDENT George W Bush focused on the troubled US economy and successes in Iraq in his final State of the Union speech.
In contrast, the recoil-order corrections to the A and a correlations in neutron [beta]-decay are of O(1-2%) [13]; apparently, the appearance of an additional particle in the final state makes the recoil-order corrections smaller still.
Within the Jewish tradition the distinction between the present state of religious mediation and the final state of simple, humanistic religious immediacy was well-established.
A combination of radiofrequency pulses and quiescent periods guided the molecule into a final state that depends on the arrangement of spins caused by the initial message interaction.
While the information lags the market by at least two years, sources said that some property valuation data for this latest computation titled the 1995 Final State Equalization Rates - was even older.
erdmechanische evidence in the construction and final state, SIA 106

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