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In December 2014, participants in the first international conference on 'World Against violence and Extremism (WAVE)' in Tehran in their final statement asked the world governments, politicians and religious leaders to condemn terrorism, violence and extremism in all forms.
KUWAIT, Aug 31 (KUNA) -- The Criminal Court, chaired by Justice Mohammad Al-Duaij, resumes hearings of Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque terrorist attack Tuesday with defense attorneys presenting their final statement before the judicial panel.
Having wrapped up its emergency meeting over the wellbeing of Levantine Christians in Bkirki, the Holy Synod's final statement implored Arab states to assume full responsibility in confronting extremism and fanaticism.
According to police, a destroyed motorcycle was found near crime scene although the final statement would release after interrogation is concluded if explosive material was placed or it was a cracker blast.
We supported the decisions which were expected to be in the final statement because it preserved the tripartite formula of the Arab Peace Initiative," he said, referring to the need for Israel's withdrawal to the 1967 borders, the establishment of a Palestinian state and the right of refugees to return.
In remarks following the issuance of final statement of their meeting held under the logo "Islamic World: Problems and Solutions", they called for further coordination among Muslim Ulema in the Islamic world to forge an unified method for qualifying Islamic breaching beginners.
On the other hand, Al-Maskkati pointed out that the Committee discussed the final statement of the reserves for future generations for the fiscal year ended on December 31, 2012, after being audited by the National Audit Office, where the members of the Committee raised questions on the contents of the final statement.
The US, Zionism and their allies; Britain, Turkey, France and their tools in the Gulf support terrorism in a bid to overthrow the Syrian state and overcome its geopolitical role within the axis of resistance," Syrian and Iranian intellectuals said in a final statement concluding their two-day conference.
July 07 (Saba)- The Presidency of the National Dialogue Conference (NDC) continued on Sunday to absorb amendments of the working groups on their reports during the second plenary session's draft final statement .
In the final statement of the conference, held in Kuwait, the IPU slammed the Iranian government's continuous occupation for the three UAE islands and violating the sovereignty of the UAE, pointing out that "this threatens security and stability in the region and of the international peace and security as well".
The conference's final statement which was read by Hilal at the closing session has indicated that the work of this session focused on the further implementation of the decisions of the Rio +20 Conference, which was held in Brazil and adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations .
The conference called in a final statement in Samarra today Shiite Clerics to exercise pressure on the government to meet the legitimate and just demands of the protesters and to abolish any aspect of sectarian in state institutions.

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