finalize an agreement

See: agree, close
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Trump says that if negotiations progress, he will meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping at his Florida resort to finalize an agreement.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior energy official announced that Iran will finalize an agreement with Shell next month.
Summary: Saudi Arabia's oil minister said it was "imperative" that OPEC nations finalize an agreement over a cut in oil production aimed at boosting crude prices, Algerian media said Sunday.
They are scheduled to confer also with Transport Minister Alexander Tsvetkov and visit Plovdiv airport to possibly finalize an agreement.
If approved by the Commission, the proposed decision would allow the utility to finalize an agreement announced last year to obtain 375,000 dekatherms per day of capacity on the Ruby Pipeline for delivery of natural gas to PG&E's gas and electric customers.
In February, Pena Branca said it intended to finalize an agreement with Tyson.
Gushi asked Moriya to make sure the Japanese government will not finalize an agreement without gaining consent from local authorities, the officials said.
"We have to finalize an agreement and do it," said Louis Ganim, a spokesperson for DHCR, referring to that agency's interaction with the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance.