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In virtually all instances, landlords are more willing to agree to lease provisions necessary to make a ground lease financeable before the lease is signed, when they still need a tenant.
Without a financeable ground lease, moreover, companies may suffer increased costs or operational difficulties.
The more prevailing reason for the owners' unwillingness to re-lease or allow tenancy buyouts is that the subleasing tenancies provide the buildings with an easily financeable opportunity.
"It's good for us where the leases aren't favorable to us, but it's bad for the owners and bad for the city because the owners cannot market the leases - the leases are not financeable."
The city is currently negotiating with one owner and expects more to follow in a plan that would establish firm 15-year leases that are financeable. Diamond says the city will take part in any savings generated by these firm leases, and although a "one-shot," will be a "series of one-shots with lasting benefits."
"One of the obligations that we had as Coliseum Associates was to have a credit-rated, financeable tenant at the end of December," explained Pomerantz.
First, if a property is financially healthy and financeable, there is little reason for an owner to sell.
Even during the credit crunch of recent years, Acredit triple nets have always been financeable and able to be leveraged at higher loan-to-value ratios than most other real estate investments.

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