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For example, if a financing entity capitalizes an intermediate entity only through an ordinary common stock investment and the intermediate entity lends the funds to the financed entity, there will not be a financing arrangement.
he IRS has previously applied conduit principles to disregard an intermediate entity apparently in an ordinary preferred stock situation; see Letter Ruling (TAM) 9133004 (stock investment in intermediate entity, followed by loan to the financed entity, its U.S.
Whether the intermediate entity would have been able to make the advance to the financed entity without the advance to it from the financing entity; 3.
"Rockrose is pleased to have financed this project with Fleet and the New York City Housing Development Corporation," Richard A.
announced its Connecticut office has financed a 36 unit multifamily project in E.
The banks financed the acquisition, and in return, benefited from writing home mortgages for the buyers of the developed property.
In a recent deal in South Brunswick, NJ, SWH Funding financed the developer of an attractive assisted living project when the purchase money loan from the seller was coming due and could not be extended.
The Community Preservation Corporation, in partnership with the New York State Common Retirement Fund, has financed a total of 580 units of affordable housing in Yonkers, representing an investment of $20.7 million.
Mckeown also praised the Yonkers Bureau of Community Development, which has provided an additional subsidy of approximately $2.3 million for the Yonkers projects financed by the partnership of CPC and CRF.
Says Paris, "Multi-family residential and retail properties are readily being financed. Even hotels and development land, once red-lined from a lending point of view, are now back in favor.
"Types of properties being financed are shopping centers with credit tenants, office buildings with credit tenants, build-to-suits for credit tenants, etc."
HUD has revised the 232 Mortgage Insurance Program to allow for the refinancing of conventionally financed nursing homes without the requirement of renovation and for the first time to include intermediate care, board and care and assisted living facilities.

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