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TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Deputy Road and Urban Development Minister Asqar Fakhrieh Kashan announced that several major European and Asian financers have voiced their willingness to fund the country's purchases of passenger planes from international aviation giants Airbus and Boeing.
Terrorism is spilling over its financers and supporters in the world," Ali said.
EAD, Ministry of Water and power and WAPDA shared the table to discuss the concerns of the financers on various matters and finally reached the consensus on the outstanding issues.
Operating costs improved from AED38 million to AED 34 million as result of proactive cost management and profit distributable to financers decreased from AD53 million to 36 million given swapping of a portion of the facility by the financers to a non/contingent profit earning Mudaraba instrument as part of the restructuring package.
The operator is not to receive financing from outside financers.
Garuda is still seeking the financers for the procurement of the two units.
74 participants took part in the exhibition which aimed at disseminating the culture of innovation in the Sultanate and gathering the innovators, businessmen, industry representatives, financers and academics.
After a brief stay at a farm, Mitova was motivated to create a system of networking between small- scale farmers and financers, who would be offered 'rewards' for their monetary contributions.
Although the producers have yet to officially announce the title of the film, the financers of the film, MGM and Sony pictures, have registered the web names JamesBond-Skyfall.
DUBAI: Rapid growth of Kuwait's financial sector could create an attractive environment for money launderers and terrorism financers, the International Monetary Fund said in a report.
The principal shareholders and financers of Banca UBAE are closely connected to the current Libyan regime.
We know the motives and financers of those who committed such unacceptable acts in Aden," he said, asking to them stop such moves and if they have any demands they shall raise their requests through the recognized channels.